How to Choose a Suitcase for International Travel

One of the most important things to prepare when you are planning a trip overseas is a suitable suitcase for your personal belongings. With so many alternatives on the market, choosing the perfect one to use can be quite tricky. That is why in this article we are going to discuss some of the best aspects to consider when choosing the perfect suitcase. Let’s get started, shall we?

First of all, make sure the suitcase is big enough for your personal belongings. Suitcase comes in different sizes and form factors, so finding a suitable one shouldn’t be difficult at all. Browse through catalogues of different brands online and find out more about the options you can choose from. Since suitcases are no longer expensive, you can choose the most suitable one – in terms of size and form factor – without having to worry about price at all.

Next, check the zippers and hinges of the suitcase you plan on getting and make sure they are of high quality. The last thing you would want is to have the zippers of your suitcase malfunctioning during the trip, right? Certain suitcases – usually ones that are produced by high-end manufacturers – offer unique zipper designs with improved durability to make sure you don’t have to deal with the zippers malfunctioning at all.

Check the weight of your suitcase when it is empty. Bear in mind that most airlines impose a weight limit for suitcases and personal belongings, so it is indeed necessary to check if the suitcase you plan on getting is light enough. Having a suitcase that weights 5Kg when it is empty may not be beneficial when the airline’s maximum baggage weight limit is set at 10Kg. or 20Kg.

Certain suitcases are designed specifically for international travels. The form factor is compact enough yet the inner storage capacity remains relatively high. This type of suitcases allows you to carry all the items you need without having to check the luggage in; with the suitcase you are carrying being processed as a carry-on, you don’t have to wait for the luggage to be unloaded at the destination airport.

Don’t forget to pick the right – preferably distinguishable – color that suits you. We all know how people spend hours trying to find their black or grey suitcases; this can actually be avoided easily by opting for suitcases with a brighter color. Alternatively, you can add accessories with bright colors to your existing grey or black suitcases to make them more distinguishable.

The best type of suitcase to get would be a trolley suitcase, one that has wheels and a handle. Make sure the wheels and handlebar are strong enough before buying the particular suitcase. Having a trolley suitcase means you don’t have to rely on airport trolleys and you no longer have to carry the heavy suitcases around.

Once these basic factors are considered, you can focus on other necessary aspects such as price, style, and overall design of the suitcase. Finding the perfect suitcase to purchase for your international travels will be very easy to do now that you have the best tips in hand.